Thursday, April 16, 2009

Freewriting--My Stream of Consciousness

INTRODUCTION: Okay, this is a little writing technique that I use to help boost my creative writing skills every once in a while. I just close my eyes and start typing down whatever comes to my mind, not paying attention to proper punctuation, spelling, or grammar. Sometimes, the end result is quite interesting. I call this "stream of consciousness" because I'm basically writing in the style my thoughts go through my head. So here it goes!

This frail grip that i have on the meaningings of daily lives of people. destruction of everything is eminent. A black

hole that slowly crushes everything to a cingularity is slowly pulling everything. there's life and there's death.

sometimes death comes to things earlier. Everything has life and death. lifeforms, inanimate objects, words, and

relationships. Death till marriage, sporadic divorces on a whim. I wanna break that cycle. Isn't something that is born

has a string connected to what gave it life. Make that indestructable. making a connection, iit stronger till it's

impossible to break. That is my goal. Seein the death of one obeject bornof two or more individual unts...that

death or destruction of the bonds that hold them together is terrible to behold...emotionally a. idealism isn't the best

policy, but. but...we can always dream. and if we want it hard enough we can work to make it happen. the right resources

are needed and then everything will fall into place. Just a little sweat is need.


muscles rippling as they move...glide underneath taut skin, reflecting light from the flourescent above misted with

excretions of salty sweat, beading up and inching downwards pulled by gravity, finally getting so heavy that the

hydrogen bonds cannot hold it to the skin and dripping down to the black matted floor and evaporating minutes...hours

Hazy smoke steadily floating upwards diverging in their path into nonexistence--the ceiling turning slowly blacker with each passing moment. The flames burning matter with a distinct odor flicker with a warm orange, red, and yellow colour. Beautiful, but dangerous. Bodies, laying lazily on the couch watch, thoughtless...unmoved.

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