Friday, April 24, 2009

Ending it All

The year is winding down to a close and things are either coming to a closure or falling apart in my life. This blog is ending as of today because I really see no reason to blog and I'm really too lazy to keep updating it because it' really something that I'm not interested in. I feel like I haven't fully been involved in this activity. Some of my posts are AMAZING and some pretty much less than mediocre. I just don't think that I'm cut out for writing.

Over the past year things have been so amazing! I've had so much fun and I went from this nerdy high school kid that stayed inside all the time to study to this person who actually found friends and figured out something called "fun". I've tried so many new things that I never thought possible and I think the last two weeks of this year will be sort of my "last hurrah" before I resign myself to a VERY boring summer and hellish sophomore year.

But other than that, I'm cool to wait out this summer till the next school year. A week after exams I'm going to Jamaica! I'm staying at this newly built resort (all-inclusive!) and it's gonna be so much fun. And then I'll probably need to find a job or something and then I'll be taking summer classes at IPFW. I just want to stay busy and not think about the people I'm going to be missing.

I guess it's just that I've made so many friends in college and I've never really had any in high school so parting is so much harder because I won't be able to hang out with them in the summer. Back at home I have one person I could probably hang out with and she works all the time so I'll be lonely. I wish college lasted forever because I've never been happier in my life than being here.

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  1. congratulations on your internship! As a freshman it can be difficult to find a job to work over the summer. You have been lucky enough to find one that will take you to another part of the world. Not only will it be nice to enjoy the new surrounds and have everything paid for but it will give you a new view on culture.

    As for your writing, it is amazing. You have a way of expressing and describing emotions and sights no normal ordinary writer is able to do. But I also understand it can be difficult to write when you are forced. When I like to write it is when I get an impulse to do so. you words flow more freely because you are wanting to express what is being view or felt.