Friday, April 3, 2009

Finding the Center--- Should I Go See a Doctor?

Finding the perfect balance between recreation and studying has been a continuous problem for me. I have a tendency to lose focus and get distracted by my own thoughts. So instead of focusing on my homework, I zone out for about an hour thinking about random stuff and daydreaming, so when I come back to reality, I'm always suprised by how much time passed while I was away. It's a little disconcerting considering I have a lighter schedule than most which means I should be able to devote more time to my studies. That fails and I end up having as much stress as other people because I procrastinate so much. 

Sometimes I regret taking thirteen credit hours this semester. Usually if I have a busy schedule I get more focused on getting what I need done because I'm pressed to manage my time better. However because I have a light schedule, I'm sometimes under the impression that I have more time than I really do. 

I'm not even sure why and how I waste so much time. I find myself bored a lot with nothing to do. I should be using that time to study--except I just fall asleep or stumble over random websites on my computer. Either that or I hang out with my friends. I guess it's all a matter of being lazy. Right now I'm freaking out about my MA162 test coming up on Tuesday because I just realized I have about three days to study for it and usually I like having a whole week to study.  Unfortunately I'm going have to hunker down for the next three days and never see the light of day and learn the material--or attempt to. I really don't know how to study well at all. 

I've kind of noticed a lot of things about myself for the past few years, and I really wonder if I have ADD or something. It doesn't take much for me to get distracted and sometimes I can get hyperfocused especially if I'm playing videogames or am on the computer.  When I talk, my thoughts like to jump around instead of focusing on the topic at hands, so I'm always saying wrong words completely unrelated to the topic or mixing them together. Also when reading for a class or doing a simple calculus assignment, it takes me about four or five hours when in reality it could be done in one hour. 

I mean, there are times when I can get stuff done quickly, but that's not often and only when my head is feeling completely clear. I can't explain it but sometimes  my head kind of fuzzy since there's so much going on up there and it's really distracting. I don't it normal? 


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