Sunday, February 1, 2009

Viva Pinata!
My friend Mitch's room is the hubub for people to hang out mainly because he has all the gaming systems known to man and a nice television. It's a pretty neat place to hang out. There's always a nice crowd of people that hang out there, the room is always packed with them. I waste away my life there from the moment I get out of class around two thirty till around ten at night.

Recently my friends have gotten addicted to this ridiculous game called Viva Pinata. The point of this game is to build the ultimate garden to attract pinata creatures. In order to get a pinata to stay in the garden, requirements must be fufilled. Also, the pinatas can multiply after a mini-game-like thing called the "romance dance". Anyways, at first I thought this game was adorable, but after days on end of watching people play that game for four to six hours straight, I think I got really sick of it. I actually started a game but I got bored half an hour into it.

When there isn't a game of Viva Pinata going on, there's Mike and his rather unhealthy addiction to Fallout 3. He just lurks in Mitch's room whenever he can to get all the Fallout he can throughout the day. All he does is go around to different areas killing mutants, scavenging for items and selling them while accomplishing absolutely nothing in the game. I like to occasionally turn off the 360 without warning when he's playing Fallout just to piss him off.

In order to combat the hours of annoying cuteness or the endless screens of mutants I discovered Halo 3. I've never liked playing FPS, rather I'm more of an RPG fan because they're so much easier to beat. I'm not much of a gamer but I think I'm getting rather addicted to Halo. The only thing I don't like is that I really suck at playing it, I get freaked out a lot, and I die all the time. It doesn't help when all the guys reiterate my lack of basic gaming skills. I feel pathetic in that respect, but hopefully I'll get better.


  1. I have never really been in to any video games or found any that appear really interesting, but it sounds like you know quite a bit about them. It is also neat that there is a single place where you can go and hang out with friends and know that there will always be something going on. Although, this post was not written about something that I particularly enjoy, it definitely kept my attention and it was easy to read. Instead of just writing about the games themselves, you made it more personal and talked about what you thought about them and how you got involved with them. Good post.

  2. I'm sorry, but Viva Pinata doesn't exactly sound like too much fun. If someone got paid to make up that game then I'm going to get started on some of my own ideas. Anyways, I have noticed that video games take up too much of people's lives. I like to play video games and everything, but that's not what I think about from when I wake up until I go to sleep. I know some people on my floor that play Call of Duity for more hours than they sleep or go to class combined. I have even thought about hiding my friend Paul's x-box 360 so he will actually go to class and not flunk out this semester.
    And by the way don't feel bad about sucking at Halo. I can't play Halo to save my life. It's embarracing whenever I try to play with friends because I get killed 50 times, and some of them were from me killing myself. And sometimes I get one or two kills in. I'm pretty sure that my girlfriend is better at it than me!