Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Rain Falls Down on My Windows

It's raining today, and it's so depressing for some reason. I usually love the rain and hearing the pitter-patter of raindrops on the windows and roofs. But after such a nice day yesterday, today is such a let-down.

I've decided today that I officially hate walking in the rain or after it rains because I always end up with wet socks and get the bottom of the legs of my jeans all wet. I don't pay attention where I'm walking sometimes because my mind goes to a completely different place or I am trying to send text messages to my friends. Lesson learned: Take the bus.

But I must say, yesterday was such a nice day! If I was going outside then I would need just a light jacket. On top of that I met a bunch of new people, which just made my day so much better. I'm starting like socializing a lot (I was pretty much anti-social in high school and earlier). I went and smoked hookah with some people before my MA162 exam--which was horrid--and then afterwards, since I was locked out of my room anyways, my friend and I decided to smoke more hookah with some of his friends. I think we all stayed up till three o'clock this morning hanging out. I was in such a giddy mood all day yesterday. But at least the weather is warming up! I can't stand the cold!

What is a hookah?

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  1. The weather lately has been really nice and its pretty refreshing compared to the negative weather and that nasty windchill. As for walking in the rain or after its rained, it stinks. My shoes always get wet or my pant legs and it just bugs me the rest of the day. I definetly want it to warm up some more though. When i go to go its very relaxing and its just fun to go with people and take yourself away from your regular life for a bit. Nice topic loved it.