Thursday, February 5, 2009

One! Two! Three! Ready....... RANDOMNESS! I have no idea...

Complaint of the Day:
Yay? Here I am in the midst of... joyful throes of finishing up PHYS172 homework on Webassign. I'm stuck on a problem right now, so why not procrastinate and take some wonderful time to complain about it to death. This physics isn't fun. You see, when I am forced to learn physics and do homework and take tests and quizzes about it I just hate it. Usually I like learning physics on my own. I'm especially interested in the theoretical stuff (screw mechanics!) such as space travel and whether or not it is possible to alter the space-time continuum.
I'm a slow learner too. So the pace I'm attempting to learn right now for class is a little too fast so I'm struggling. God darn it. I wish I took AP Physics in high school. That would have made things a little more easy for me this semester. Then again, you might say I have no right to be complaining because I only am taking thirteen credit hours while a lot of other engineers are taking seventeen to eighteen while taking CHM116 and PHYS172. THEN again, people should have been smart and tested out of CHM115 and 116 like I did. I have a total of twenty-six credit hours for the year, but overall I have a crap load of credits tucked away (yay for AP tests!) so I'm technically considered a sophomore right now. I can be lazy for the First Year Engineering program, my friends.

Oh My, How You've Changed!
I've been reminiscing about the past. I've really started to noticed that college has affected my personality a lot. I think that my personality just flipped around these past months spent at Purdue. I used to be very quiet, antisocial, and very easily irritated in middle school and high school and had only a handful of people that I talked to. Here, I became more gregarious, friendly, and laid back. It was fun visiting my old high school during break and taking pleasure at how suprised my old teachers and friends were to see this radically different person walk through the hallways. It was very satisfying.

A Song Says Many Things

I listen to music practically twenty-four hours a day. But a couple songs that I have on repeat are (in order of preference):

1. Come Back to Me by Utada
2. Crash and Burn by Nadia Ali
3. I'm Yours by Jason Mraz.

Come Back to Me is a meloncholic mid-tempo R&B flavored song by an upcoming artist named Utada who is releasing her second English album titled "This is the One" in the States sometime in March. Her first album "Exodus" was an absolutely fantastic experimental album, but it was unfortunate that her record label Island Def Jam didn't promote the album. I'm hoping that Utada, who is one of the most popular vocal artists in Japan, can make a decent push into the American music market along with BoA who is another Asian music artist.

Crash and Burn is an awesome dance tune by Nadia Ali who was a fomer singer of Iio. I just love the chorus.

I'm Yours is by Jason Mraz who is coming to sing at Elliot Hall on February 16! I'm so excited! I bought tickets, so hopefully it will be a good concert.

I think these three songs are reflecting an important part of my life right now. I don't think I'm going to go into the details yet since they're very personal, but all I can say is that they're dedicated to a certain person who hurt me very deeply but is someone I still care a lot about and would do anything to make things right with again. But, there's probably no possibility of that happening.
For more about Utada (yeah, I wanna promote one of my favorite artists) go to:

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  1. I completely agree with you on Physics. I went to a really small high school and AP Physics wasn't offered. I don't feel like it's too bad yet, but I've heard the horror stories. I'm dreading the rest of the semester because I know it's only going to get worse. Unfortunatly, I'm one of the engineering students with 17 credit hours taking Chem 116 and Phys 172 at the same time. However, it's not by choice. In high school I didn't have the option of taking more than one year of Chemistry. You're lucky you had the opportunity and took advantage of it.