Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So. One of my favorite things to do is smoke hookah! What it is is just flavored tabbacco that is filtered through water. Particulates and chemicals are filtered from the smoke resulting in a relatively cleaner and cool smoke. It feels like breathing in thick air. Well, that depends on how well the shisha (what the type of tabbacco is called.) 

Shisha comes in a lot of different flavors and brands. I think my favorite flavor so far has to be Passionfruit, but my favorite brand are Tangiers. Tangiers are very strong and a couple of puffs will give anyone a slight head buzz. 

I was introduced to hookah during first couple of weeks of school. My friend had a really nice hookah so we would get a group of people together and smoke on the benches between Hillenbrand and Harrison. But now that the weather is colder, I go to the Egyptian for my hookah fix. I haven't been to the other hookah bar (Hookah!) but I'm planning on trying it out. 

I think the reason why I like hookah so much is that it calls for a social gathering of some of my friends and it provides a pretty chill activity to do. There's nothing like sitting on picnic tables on a clear night chatting with people and enjoying our surroundings. Or, for a change of pace, my friends and I would take our hookah to the top of a parking garage and smoke there or just go into an elevator and smoke. 

Awesomeness. Anyways, I hope to invest in my own hookah so I can smoke more of it--just as soon as I get the money to buy a pipe.


  1. Yeah got to agree on the social aspect as well as, just enjoying the surroundings. I love hookah,I have been smoking it sence my senior year in highschool. I don't really have a favorite flavor, but passion fruit is a good one.

    One of my friends has a huge hookah pipe, it cost him three-hundred dollars. That is cheap for a really good one, good luck getting one yourself, i know that I can't for a while at least.

  2. Yeah, I know hookahs are pretty expensive. that's why i'm going to opt for one of the mini hookahs. the prices range from 30-50 dollars so it's relatively affordable.

  3. I went to Hookah! last night. While I don't particularly like smoking hookah, I do like the social aspect also, and the atmosphere is pretty good, too. Since you've never been to Hookah!, i recommend that you try that place next time you feel the urge to smoke hookah, but I don't recommend the Strawberry Kiwi flavor)I've never been to the Egyptian, so I'll have to try that one out.
    My brother has this really huge hookah, and it was pretty expensive,