Friday, March 27, 2009


Well, well, well. Here's another Asian artist trying to break into the states!

I'm not much of a fan of BoA, but I can commend a good effort in trying to crossover and trying to bring in some diversity into the American music market.

BoA (real name: Boa Kwon) has been a performer since an early age. She was discovered in Korea by SM Entertainment, a talent industry. Trained for two years, she finally debuted with ID; Peace B. I don't even know what that title is supposed to mean. Anyways, her earlier music was pretty much saccharine pop, but it's evolved to an R&B-ish influenced pop. Unfortunately, her success didn't take off too well in Korea, so she successfully crossed over into Japan, became a huge star there and then crossed back over into Korea. Recently, she has put out two singles from her English-language album BoA  called "Eat You Up" and "I Did it for Love feat. Sean Garrett". 

I'm not going to review the album entirely because I really don't care for BoA as much as I do Utada who has a better chance at making it in the market. Anyways the album BoA is completely a dance-pop album. I'm sad that there are no ballads, since BoA does have a few nice Japanese-language ones. BoA has a nasally voice that might suprise some people. It might take a while getting used to it, but it's not really bad at all. But watch this girl's music videos. Boy, she can really freaking dance well. The songs are really upbeat and very danceable, but they offer really no personality. They're kind of like all the other dance songs on the market now--almost on the verge of being Britney Spears reject songs. But hey, I like a couple songs on the album like "Touched" and "Hypnotic Dancefloor". It's worth a listen and can be found on iTunes. Anyways, but beware, BoA still has a Korean accent in her songs so some words may be a little hard to understand or a little funny sounding, but don't let that detract from the composition of the songs. 

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